A Blockchain conference in February in San Francisco

It is no longer a secret that Blockchain technology is of great interest to major players in IT and finance who want to broaden its scope of application. A first conference on the subject will be held on February 10 in San Francisco with IBM. In France, the Lonard de Vinci School of Engineering plans to certify its diplomas via Blockchain from March.

Attesting to the growing interest aroused by Blockchain technology, a conference will be devoted to it on February 10 in San Francisco. The main keynote will be held there by IBM, which launched an initiative in December with the Linux Foundation to develop the exploitation of Blockchain on a larger scale, mainly in the banking and industrial sectors. First associated with the virtual currency Bitcoin, used as a means of peer-to-peer payment, this technology makes it possible to record all the transactions that are carried out in a distributed and permanent manner, in the form of an unforgeable chain of blocks (hence its name) which gets longer as you go.

On the Block Chain Conference, organized at the Mission Bay center on the UCSF campus, John Wolpert, director at IBM, responsible for these offers on a global level, will explain how technology can improve banking transactions, but also the logistics chain (supply chain) and networks of transactions by reducing costs and risks. IBM is tempering its enthusiasm, however, by recalling that Blockchain is far from ready to support use cases in the industry. For John Wolpert, this will therefore be an opportunity to present the needs identified in different sectors of activity.

The bank already committed, the world of education too

In 2015, in the banking world, the major players continued to modernize their infrastructures and FinTech start-ups gained momentum. In the spring of 2015, we learned that the Nasdaq stock market index was also testing blockchain. This technology is indeed one of the directions of evolution of the financial sector this year (read on this subject “How technologies will upset the bank in 2016”)

In the academic world too, Blockchain is digging its furrow. Earlier this month, in France, the Leonardo da Vinci School of Engineering, ESILV, announced that it would use technology to certify its diplomas, starting in March, by means of a solution developed by the French company Paymium, specialized in Bitcoin technology. The objective is to make its diplomas tamper-proof and “easily verifiable”, explains the school. This method of certification should then be extended to diplomas from the other schools of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci, EMLV and IIM.

In September 2016, students from 5e year of ESILV will also be able to integrate a FinTech option. Courses on digital currencies began in September 2015, given by Pierre Noizat, co-founder of Paymium.

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