After EMC takeover, Dell plans to sell RSA

After the absorption of the EMC federation, Dell seems to be studying a sale of the RSA security activity. After Pivotal, it would be the second member of the federation to be cut.

According to our contributor, Amit Yoran, president of RSA, sent an email to several executives of the company to report on his discussions with Michael Dell on the security market and the respective positioning of the Dell Secureworks and RSA divisions. . In the email, which was released by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Amit Yoran wrote that “Michael is also mindful and very supportive of business transformation. [RSA]. He is eager to continue learning more about RSA and is thinking of several ways he, EMC and Dell can find meaningful ways to help contribute to our success in the future.”

A passage of this email evokes the independence of the RSA company, writes Mr. Yoran. He clarified that Michael Dell was adamant about the benefits of going private in order to foster growth. ” [Dell était] also very eloquent on the benefits of operating as a private company, including the ability to plan and execute over a longer term, without being blindsided by reporting cycles every 90 days,” Yoran said in the e-mail. “Having spent much of my career managing private companies, I couldn’t agree more. »

While the email does not clearly indicate that talks had begun to consider a spin-off from RSA, it appears that EMC had already begun to explore this possibility, well before Dell’s takeover proposal. .

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