Bitdefender moves to hypervisor-level protection

Bitdefender unveils memory introspection technology at the hypervisor level to protect virtualized environments.

Bitdefender has developed a hypervisor-based memory introspection technology. This solution is intended for virtualization solution providers and data center administrators. The security specialist explains that “this technology solves the security problem of ‘context vs. isolation’ in virtual environments”. This technique should make it possible to provide a complete view of the virtual machines without leaving a footprint on the endpoints.

Mihai Dontu, director of Linux platforms at Bitdefender, explains how this solution works: “Basically, when security and attackers operate with permissions at the kernel level, it leads to a dead end. Virtualization has revolutionized computing by adding a layer of abstraction below operating systems. Our technology provides security at this layer; and while being intuitive, it is revolutionary because, until now, this operation was known to be extremely difficult to perform.”

Bitdefender’s solution uses a higher level of privilege than traditional security solutions by increasing hypervisor privileges (ring -1) to detect already installed malware and protect against attacks. Additionally, it includes unique disinfection techniques of injecting cleaning tools into a running virtual machine. Bitdefender promises to secure endpoints on Windows and Linux in this way. This technology will be available by the end of 2015.

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