Business cards for architects in the era of QR codes

In order to facilitate their authentication with clients, the National Council of the Order of Architects has provided its members’ business cards with a 2D barcode based on 2D-Origin secure technology.

Today, the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA) has approximately 30,000 members. He must guarantee to architects’ clients the veracity of their status and the information relating thereto. But it is sometimes difficult. The case of Philippe Leblanc who exercised the profession for 30 years by usurping the title of architect is there to remind us. The CNOA was therefore looking for an effective way to guarantee the validity and security of its members’ data. He therefore decided to turn to the technology of 2D-Origin flashcodes, deemed to be inviolable. The National Council then called on Dhimyotis to assist in this transition.

With its help, the CNOA has equipped the business cards of its 30,000 members with these codes. They allow access to certified information, sealed via a system of electronic keys. Architects’ clients can thus flash the code via their smartphone and the 2D-Origin application to verify their identity, insurance, status, etc. Note that architects can also affix the code to their documents. For its part, the CNOA can permanently update the information from a web interface. In addition to doing it a great service, the deployment of 2D-Origin technology has proven to be much less expensive than if the Order had opted for smart cards.

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