Mastercard tests mobile payment by seflie

Mastercard has presented a payment validation system for online transactions carried out from a mobile based on face recognition and fingerprints. It will soon be tested with 500 American users.

The American company Mastercard has been seeking for many months to innovate in the field of bank payment. After unveiling a contactless payment system coupled with a fingerprint reader last October, the company demonstrated a payment system based on facial recognition but also fingerprint reading. A system similar to the one presented at Cebit 2015 last February by Jack Ma, the boss of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Payment validation by facial or fingerprint recognition is ready to be launched with 500 pilot users who will no longer have to enter their bank code in order to make a purchase. “The new generation is using selfies a lot and I think they will find this feature pretty cool and embrace it,” said Ajay Bhalla, MasterCard’s security product manager. The company also specified that the biometric information of individuals (face and fingerprints) are converted so that they are never stored or transmitted in their original format. A demonstration video can be seen on money.CNN.

The adoption of the biometric payment in question

It remains to be seen whether Mastercard will succeed where Apple is struggling to establish itself. Announced as revolutionary in 2013, the Apple Pay function allowing you to pay locally or online via fingerprint has since fallen like a bellows. It must be said that between the fraudulent uses of this system and a lagging adoption, the biometric payment method does not seem to be the dream of many people in the end.

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