Troyes University of Technology opens a Cybersecurity Masters

Aware of the risks linked to cybersecurity, the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) has set up a Master’s degree entitled Expert forensic and cybersecurity consisting of 5 modules of 70 hours each.

The University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), announces the opening of a Master’s degree entitled “Expert forensic and cybersecurity” which trains in the concepts, methods and techniques of processing security and risk management related to information systems . Divided into 5 skill blocks in 70-hour modules, the course covers the technical, functional and legal aspects of information system security. In addition to acquiring knowledge related to IS security and securing audit techniques, this Master’s will enable learners to carry out “forensic” or computer forensic analyzes in French, a set of methods for storing, collecting and analyze digital evidence with a view to producing it in the context of a legal action.

The 350 hours of teaching spread over 10 weeks will be followed by an internship period of at least 4 months which will lead to the production of a report and the defense of a professional thesis. With 2,600 students, the University of Technology of Troyes trains engineers in 6 branches, masters in 9 specialties and doctors in 3 specialties.

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